Most of the forex traders spend their time waiting for the perfect moment to enter into the markets to “buy” or “sell”. For trading in a successful manner, traders must learn that there are a variety of indicators that can help to determine the best time to buy or sell a forex cross rate.

  • BlueMax provides 20+ indicators for fresher and experienced customers.
  • Get free Indicators which produce 80% accuracy level.
  • It is non-repaint-able.
  • BlueMax also provide two user friendly indicators.

Our 20+ indicators are given below:

1.Bluemax Advanced Fibo Line

2.Bluemax Auto Trend Line

3.Bluemax Booster

4.Bluemax Breaking Point

5.Bluemax Bull Bear Wave

6.Bluemax Buy Sell Power

7.Bluemax Demand Supply

8.Bluemax Fibo Level

9.Bluemax Heat Map

10.Bluemax Level Trailer

11.Bluemax Long Short

12.Bluemax Market Radar

13.Bluemax Market Band

14.Bluemax Market Glance

15.Bluemax Market Meter

16. Bluemax Market Strength

17. Bluemax Market Trend

18. Bluemax MTF Analysis

19. Bluemax Price Time Breakout

20. Bluemax Price Trend

21. Bluemax Reversal Expected

22. Bluemax Scalper

23. Bluemax Step-MA

24. Bluemax Super Trend

25. Bluemax Tick Beat

26. Bluemax Trend Candy

27. Bluemax Trend Slope

28. Bluemax Turbo Oscillator

29. Bluemax Up Down