Forex Fund Management – Best Forex PAMM Broker

Trust and Transparency…

BlueMax Capital identified the need for a new investing tool that can be beneficial for both Fund Managers and Investors. This program gives the opportunity to forex Fund Managers to showcase their performance and attract funds to be managed, and for Investors to allocate their funds to different Fund Managers, therefore diversifying their risk and enhancing their returns.

pamm-broker-forex-fund-management-indiaThe PAMM allows distribution of trades from a single account to a group of sub accounts. So the Fund Managers can trade at his master account and all the trades will automatically be distributed to the group of his managed accounts. The PAMM software uses the ratio based allocation which allows Fund Managers to control over many sub account with variable balance. This method will allocate positions to sub accounts based on the equity of each sub account.

The Percent Allocation Management Module (PAMM) is a solution for BlueMax clients to have their accounts managed by more experienced traders acting as the Fund Managers. Clients can check each manager’s trading statistic to see their performance before deciding to invest in a particular PAMM offered by the manager.
Investors will have many options to choose to diversify their investment. For beginners, trusting their funds in the hands of these experts will bring greater profit within their learning curve; while more experienced traders will have the option to maximize their potential profit by investing in some PAMM projects besides trading manually in a single account.

  • Investor Benefits in a Nutshell:
  • Earn from trading without any stress.
  • Entrust your funds to a successful trader.
  • Your investments are very liquid.
  • Your confidentiality is absolutely assured. PAMM managers do not have access to investor information. All your data will remain private.
  • No Paper work involved and easy formalities.
  • Trading Activity on your Account will be transparent.